Joseph-Marie Jacquard 1752-1834

Jacquard: a visionary craftsman weaver

Jacquard was a wise and generous Lyonnais and a friend of mankind.
His homeland is France and foremost Lyon. After a difficult childhood with his father weaver, life finally smiled at him, and his genius ideas could run wild eventually.
His dream is to invent a mechanism that facilitates the work of the weaver.
On the occasion of an exhibition of products of national industry, in 1801 he presented a loom perfected by him. Full of hope, he still had the disappointment of seeing the disdain for the audience, and we must recognize it was only a draft, far from the "Jacquard loom" that had yet to be build. He still earned a bronze medal, and went back to work, he was 50 years old at that time.
This medal was the beginning of his fame.
He works restlessly and discovered the binary system: it can transcribe the web design on a punch card: it is the ancestor of computer science!
In 1802 the First Consul came to Lyon: the Jacquard weaving workshop was the appointment of many industrialists and scientists, he then became a recognized man: they made him the best deals to drive him away from France.
He smiled, working for the glory of his city!
Two decrees were signed. By the first, the Emperor granted 50 francs for each trade of new systems Jacquard "that removed the use of the reader", delivered and set-up for use. Another dated October 27, 1806, allowed the city of Lyon to buy from Jacquard, for an income of 3 000 francs a year, all his inventions and machines.
The Jacquard loom made Lyon the capital of the empire of Silk, tradition and legacy that persist in our workshop today.