A familial workshop for a french manufacturing

Since the french revolution, we are working as weaver over generations: knowledge was inherited from father to daughter, and now from mother to daughter.
We always wished to keep that family atmostphere inside our workshop so as to give it a strong human and affective dimension.


Regis, the Instigator

Regis was born the 17th of june in 1933 from a weaver family in "La Croix-Rousse".
At the age of 14, because his father has fallen sick, he decides to lead the destiny of the workshop family in order to help his mother raizing his 6 brothers and sisters.
In 1957, he gets married with Marcelle who is a weaver aswell. This very same year, they create their own first workshop. All along his career, the textile innovation was his main goal.


Christine the Innovative

Christine was born the 10th of december in 1962. Once graduated from Lyon's University, she enters the family workshop and trains herself on the art of weaving and business management.
Creative and inventive, she perpetuates the local tradition of weaving specializes in luxury jacquard scarf.
After working for several prestigious "haute couture" french brands, Christine and her husband Louis-Michel create the brand Lyon's Touch in order to develop her own collections of high quality scarves for men and women, 100% french production in the family workshop.


Marie-Ange the designer

Marie-Ange was born the 12th of september in 1985. After her arts studies, she joins the creation department of the family workshop.
Trained and sensibilised to Jacquard looms at a very early age, she unites innovation, the design of the traditionnal weaving methods to create scarves with its very original style.



Inheritance of the family expertise

With the legacy of our parents, great-parents and great-great-parents expertise, we have at our disposal a large amount of archives about Jacquard weaving methods on which we base our work on for our modern creations.
Avangardist, the silk workshop has always evolved and tested new weaving techniques.
Regis was the Instigator of this approach, and her daughter managed to lead the family business in that way.