Lyon's Touch and the weavers's legacy from Lyon

Lyon's silk Industry

Deeply commited to Lyon, the silk industry reach its apex during the 16th century.
From every flat of this century, you could hear the weaver working on their looms.



Les Canuts

The "Canuts" used to weave the silk on hand working weaving machines, and few years later on mechanical ones.
In our family, you can find, in our biological tree, ancestors that were working as weavers since the french revolution.

Family workshop

Since the french revolution, the knowledge inherited from the "Canuts" has been transmitted over the generations.
Thus, all our products are designed and weaved, respecting the old traditions, pledge of quality.


"La Croix-Rousse"

"La Croix-Rousse" used to be the district of the weaver in Lyon. From every street you could hear the "Bistanclaque-pan" (local expression) coming out of the workshops. All the district used to live by the rythm of the silk factory.



Did you know ?
We still use an invention created in 1801 in ordert to weave the Lyon's Touch scarves ?