Wool scarf, silk, cotton, cashmere, manufactured in France


Wool and cashmere for winter, cotton and silk in summer: our scarves are crafted from natural materials and 100% made in France.




From the "Canuts" that used to work in "La Croix-Rousse" to "Lyon's Touch", discover our past and anecdotes about the creation of our french brand.




Made in France

Our scarves made out of wool, silk, cotton, cashmere, must respect a very strict specifications in order to guarantee an authentic quality of the french expertise.




Discover "Les Shikis" : beautiful, soft, fun and handy.



Weaver and scarves designer in France

Lyon's Touch puts all its knowledge, inherited from the "Canuts" of Lyon, for fashion's sake with its collection of scarves, weaved and designed in our workshop in Lyon. Everything begins with trends, desires, natural materials and technical innovations. For each concept, we test our creation on top-notch last generation Jaquard Loom in order to find the right balance between the touch feeling, visual art, and quality.